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TOG defines the thermal transmittance of a textile. With regard to baby sleeping bags, the TOG value helps you to find the right model for your needs.  Sleeping bags for children are available in 4 TOG values of 0.5-3.5. Because the higher the value, the warmer the sleeping bag.  The recommendation is based on the room temperature in which the child sleeps. 
You can easily find out whether your child feels comfortable and sleeps in the right sleeping bag. Cool hands or feet are quite normal, but if they get cold and pale, then your sweetheart needs to be wrapped up warmer. If, on the other hand, it starts to sweat in the neck or if the head is completely warm or red, the sleeping bag is too thick.

The TOG value table provides clarity:


0.5 TOG 

Summer sleeping bags made of very thin, light material for room temperatures from 24 ° C  

1.0 TOG 

Suitable for room temperatures of 18-24 ° C  

2.5 TOG 

Lined sleeping bags or thicker material in case it gets a little colder in the bedroom and the room temperature is 15-21 ° C.  


3.5 TOG 

Warm lined models, suitable for winter and very cold room temperatures below 18 ° C.  


Please note that the TOG value is only an orientation, because every body reacts differently. To avoid overheating, you should always check your child's neck at the beginning. If he is sweaty, a lighter model should be chosen or the clothing underneath should be a little thinner. If you want to increase the thermal insulation, you don't always have to buy another sleeping bag. Often it is enough to simply put an extra layer of clothing on your child.

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