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  • Made in Germany from 100% natural materials
  • Keeps your child's body temperature  constant for safe and healthy sleep
  • provides more freedom of movement through the foot openings
  • Babies and children can easily stand up and run around with it
  • very light summer sleeping bag for summer nights


Organic wool silk sleeping bag with feet

PriceFrom €115.00

    • 70% wool (organic merino wool - controlled organic animal husbandry) and 30% silk

    • properties

      Wool is naturally self-cleaning and antibacterial. It absorbs moisture without feeling clammy and transports it to the outside, away from the body. Merino virgin wool is very finely crimped, does not scratch and is wonderfully soft and fluffy. Mulberry silk ensures a pleasantly soft and skin-soothing wearing comfort,  has a temperature equalizing effect, warms you in cold temperatures and cools you down on warm days. Since wool silk clothing rarely needs to be washed - brushing out or airing out is usually sufficient - the clothing is also very easy to care for.

    • Due to the lighting conditions during product photography and different screen settings, the color of the product may not be reproduced authentically.


    • Wool is naturally self-cleaning.  It is therefore sufficient that you let the sleeping bag air out in the fresh air.

      If you do get a stain on the sleeping bag, you can carefully wash it out with your hand and a wool detergent.

    • Hand wash / wool wash cycle 30 ° C

    • Do not tumble dry

    • iron  at a maximum of 100 ° C

    • Do not bleach

    • Do not dry clean

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